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Our Projects

PYX Resources is selective in where we develop our projects.

We focus on developing and acquiring world-class mineral assets that are located in Belt and Road countries with significant resources, a long mine life and high zircon assemblage that can be developed economically and sustainably.

Mandiri holds a licensed concession over an area totalling 2,032 hectares near Kuala Kurun City in the Gunung Mas Regency of Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. It is engaged in the exploration of mineral sands and the production of premium grade zircon.

Why invest in us?

Investing in PYX Resources gives investors the opportunity to benefit from the tremendous upside potential of our current exploration and exploitation programme, as well as the remarkable prospects for other minerals.

  • First-hand exposure to the fast-growing global mineral sands industry
  • Solid leadership committed to a systematic expansion strategy with clear business and geographic parameters
  • Comprehensive value enhancement plan for our Mandiri project, the world’s 5th largest producing deposit of zircon