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The Tisma Deposit

Tisma – a licensed concession covering an area of 1,500 hectares in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia approximately 50 km northwest from the regional capital Palangkaraya – is devoted to the exploration of mineral sands products and the production and export of premium 65.5 grade zircon.

The 2nd largest Producing Minerals Sands Company by Zircon Resources

In November 2020, Tisma’s Inferred Mineral Resources were evaluated 137 Mt (with 3.99% heavy minerals) within an area of 1,500 ha. As per these findings, Tisma’s heavy minerals inferred resources exceed 5.5 Mt, inclusive of 4.5 Mt of zircon inferred resources. With a zircon content of 82%, Tsma’s heavy minerals have a unique assemblage value compared to all our peers.

With a zircon content of 82%, Tisma’s heavy mineral have best-in-class assemblage value compared to all our peers

Mineral Resources


Mineral assemblage and contained tonnes of the components November 2020

High assamblage value,
conveniently located

Mandiri produced more than 11,000 Mt of zircon since it began operating in August 2015. With a current capacity of 1,500 tons per month (18,000 tpa), it has been mostly producing 65.5 grade zircon, a premium product.

Mandiri uses a standard wet concentration process to separate valuable heavy mineral sands from other components to produce a high-grade heavy mineral concentrate, applying a gravity circuit to separate the Valuable Heavy Mineral Sands from the non-valuable and lighter gangue making up most of the input slurry.

We expect Mandiri’s production capacity to reach 4,000 tpm within 5 years.

Further exploration potential remains substantial as 46% of the concession area remains to be explored while we can still define additional resources below the water table within the area where existing resources have been defined.

Tisma’s alluvium bed deposits allows for low complexity, open pit mining, a method that can deliver higher cash margins, while minimising environmental impact.

Linked by a paved road to the town of Palangka Raya, Mandiri is conveniently connected to the local electricity grid.

In addition, both the mine and the factory are located alongside the Cahayan river, which further helps to lower logistic costs.

The factory is also located in proximity to Benjamasin port, and the airport in Gunung Mas.

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